Importing Data (a list) into Forms

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Can  I  import a list of names  into forms , so that a person  filing  out a form can  select a name  from that  list ? Any  refernce  link to assist  ? 

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No import data functions available at this time. The best you can do is copy and paste into the field on creation.

@Scuba19 Hi, this is possible. In your form, select 'Choice' then copy your list from Excel and paste into the first box that appears on the form. It will enter each option separately. 

@YDynamics - the copy paste function works beautifully with Microsoft Forms, but not with Forms Pro at the moment. Hopefully something that will be added in the future. 

@Megan_V_Walker  It's been a while since you posted. This now kinda works. I ended up with a massive list in option one but then it broke it down into individual options. Then I just needed to delete the option one with it all in.

I have a survey set up in forms that I intend to use to contact around 30,000 vulnerable customers during COVID lock down. Currently we're having to cut and paste data from Excel individually into forms for each survey. Is there a way to pull that data automatically so groups set up in teams can just open a form pre populated and complete a survey with the next customer data pulling through once completed ?

@Steven_Nichol can we use PowerApp to fill in that data in the back end?  


@DawnBurgess @Steven_Nichol  no Power Apps wouldn't help you here, there is no way to pre-populate your data in Forms.


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@RobElliott Sad day.  Is there a form tool that we could utilize in an online environment so that we keep people out of our spreadsheet since Access doesn't play nice online?

@DawnBurgess instead of using Microsoft Forms I would look at using Power Apps for the whole thing.


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Awesome Advice. This worked perfectly. Thanks for sharing. @YDynamics
works with plain text as well