How to change Date Picker format in MS Form?

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I'd like to change Date format in Date Picker on MS Form from M/d/yyyy to DD/MM/YYYY.


How can I change it?


Thank you.

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@praelicious Forms gets it date format from the browser, so make sure that your browser laguage settings are set to English (United Kingdom):



Then when you view the form in the web version or in Preview  as in the image below it will display the date in dd/MM/yyyy format:




But if you embed the form in a SharePoint page as in the image below it will still show the date in M/d/yyyy format and unfortunately there is no way to change that.





Microsoft obviously don't realise that not all their users live in the US. Basic date functionality that works this way, or doesn't in the case of the Forms web part, is lazy development on their part.


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So frustrating! After spending most of the day designing a form I then decided to add the date field. I tried everything suggested. In the year 2023 I am still wasting hours trying to fix something Microsoft has released to the world without providing a solution to what is a huge problem. Thanks for wasting my day. I'm now off to re-do the whole form using Google Forms instead. I knew I should have just done it there from the beginning. I was hoping to have Excel data work seemlesly with my work One Drive. Now I'll probably have to put all my form data into Sheets instead. This is ridiculous and you're right, just lazy development. Do they even test these things?