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Help with creating a Form please

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I'm attempting to create a "simple" help desk form for my organization. Having some issues with the field properties. 


1) I have a Ticket Number Field, but cant seem to find a way to increment the value on submission. Seen a few examples but not sure what to use with OWA365 (outlook desktop client)


2) I have the From box set, and when i type in my name in the text area it will search the address book and find me, but wont insert it. If i click the From button, it brings up the address book, and searching that way will work. However id rather it added the address just by typing the last name in the text box


3) When I click the "Run this form" to test and click submit it sends it but doesn't include the actual form. just an email. I actually just found out that it DOES send the form to my group, but as the sender i only see the email part, not the form.


Bonus points. an auto reply that acknowledges receipt of the message and forwards the ticket number



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@Mike_Klein I created the IT helpdesk system for my company about 4 years ago basically doing exactly what you need to do. It finally closed last week as the company have moved to ServiceNow but it had many thousand successfully submitted & responded tickets. But you will need a combination of Forms, flows in Power Automate and SharePoint, 

"I have a Ticket Number Field, but cant seem to find a way to increment the value on submission."

Forms on its own has no way of doing this and using it in an email, even though the response number is stored in the spreadsheet of responses.

With my system the user submits a form. A flow in Power Automate gets this response and saves it to a "triage" list in SharePoint together with a file the user might have attached in support of the ticket. The same flow then sends a confirmation email to the user with the details of their issue and the ID number from the SharePoint list. This way the user knows that the ticket has been logged.


An IT manager goes into the item on SharePoint and from a Power Apps customised form clicks a button to route it to the relevant team. A second flow then runs to save the item into a different "routed" list with views related to each team and with a column for the original ticket number. An engineer then edits the item (another Power Apps customised SharePoint form) and enters their solution or other comment and clicks appropriate buttons to close the ticket or save & leave open. That triggers another flow to update the user by email on the progress of the ticket.




Triage listTriage list


Triage formTriage form


Routed listRouted list


Routed formRouted form


Ticket closed emailTicket closed email


The initial triage flow looks like this:



Come back if you have any questions or would like more in-depth details.


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