Forms PRO: Branching not working

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Hello, please help.


Problems begin when I use Forms Pro (in basic Forms is all OK).

When I create a Survey and want to set up a branch (as in classic Forms), the branch does not work and all sections and visible questions are displayed.


Thank you for your help.


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I think your screenshot is from Forms and not Forms Pro.

At Forms Pro, the branching is a bit different from your screenshot. Please see my screenshot.

The branching is working well for me.





Hi @Kyaw_Kyaw_Tun , we are not able to add More than 10 questions in one branching rule but in our case we have to add 12 questions to hide and show can you please let us know the solution.

@hartl47 in forms pro .. if you want to hide a question, you need to set the “visible” attribute to off in the question itself .. then u use the rules to jump and turn questions back on depending on the rule.


also .. remember that FormsPro is actually quite different and may not be good for quizes and it doesn’t have the same PowerAutomate hooks like Forms.


— cby