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My immediate team uses Excel files for each team member to record a Skills Assessment. Where each team member self assess the "knowledge" and "execution" of a given topic. Leadership at large is interest in this for hundred of people rather than the 12 on our team. 


The request is to find a way to make the assessment a survey. Here is the issue, responses to the assessment should be directed to each person's manager and org chart. In other words, if I go an create the form, I will see all answers, and I am by no means qualified to have all that information. Is there a way around this other can duplicating the survey to each Group Director and having them distribute? If that is the route I am concerned about people making changes on their own and the difficulty of sending out updates if needed. 



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@Luke_Sillies if you create a flow in Power Automate you can route each response to the responder's manager automatically with the Office 365 Users Get User Profile (V2) and Get Manager (V2) actions and then the send email action.




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