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I'm trying to embed forms in the new page type using the Embed control. At first it did not work at all until I added the site to html field security list but now it does, sort of. Sometimes it works and it fully embeds in the page, like Sway does but other times it defaults to a blank green page with a link to the actual form.


Is there a way of ensuring it always works and is fuller forms integration planned?


Edit: Seems to be Edge specific. Should have guessed as we've had all sorts of problems with it since the anniversary update, so much so we're resetting the default browser to IE!

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Forms looks like it will be a great tool for our organization.  But I am experiencing the same thing you are when I embed the Form into our WordPress intranet.  Sometimes the embedded form renders properly, and sometimes it makes a huge green rectangle with a link.


I can make the embed area smaller and shrink the size of the green rectangle, but then the form has scroll bars when it does render.



We're having the same issue with WordPress...did you find a solution?



We did two things since I posted that.  One is that we changed the form so that anyone could use it, i.e. we dropped the requirement that the person filling it out be in our O365 organization.  This allows the form to render for anyone and not require a login.  I think that is the change which made the form always show rather than the link.


Then we also fine tuned the height parameter of the iframe statement so that the full form had room to appear.

Thanks for the tips. Our forms are already used for external input so its not that. I'll try the height settings but from reading different posts, it seems related to WordPress removing iframes for security reasons.

We have the form on a page by itself, and we edit it in text mode, not visual mode, and the iframe works well.  I have seen WordPress remove the iframe tag, but only in particular sequence of events and I can't recall what that was.  Also we use a pagebuilder theme which becomes the page/post editor.


If you are using a security plugin you might check to see if it is blocking iframes for you.