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I have created a dissertation survey in forms and accidentally managed to delete all questions and now all of my responses have disappeared too. There were 20 questions and I need to submit this very shortly however I cannot see anything!!! 


Please can you help me restore these! 


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@peggough sorry to hear you've deleted all your questions and, as a result, the responses. If the questions are not in the recycle bin then the only thing you can do is to raise a ticket with Microsoft to see if they can recover them.


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Hello Rob,

Many thanks for your response. I have contacted Microsoft support and they have advised me to post a discussion on the community page as they do not have any direct support for Forms via there general contact centre. I am hoping someone who works for Microsoft with experience in forms will assist me in my recovery request once they have seen this support post.

Fingers crossed as otherwise I will have to start again...

Kind regards

Hi There,
I am facing the same issue. I want to retrieve some accidently deleted questions. Were you able to retrieve your questions.