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I have 4 yes no questions and based on the responses of all 4 questions I would like to display one section or the other section. E.g. if the yes no choice questions were all answered as Yes the I want to display the section where it says: "Application Accepted". If any of the yes no choice questions are no then it should display: "Application Needs to be Reviewed". Is there a way to do this using branching?

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@RandomSky partially but there's no foolproof way for it to work successfully. In your first section you would have question 1 which is a yes/no choice question. If they answer Yes that branches to 2uestion 2 which is also a yes/no choice question. If question 2 is answered yes then that branches to a new section called Application Accepted which has a choice question with just OK. The Submit button displays.


If either question 1 or question 2 are answered no it branches to another section called Application Needs to be Reviewed. That section has no questions in it. The problem here is that ecven if you set the branching from that section back to Section 1 the Submit button is still displayed and the branching to Section 1 doesn't happen. You would have to trust the user to click the Back button and not the Submit button. As the Submit button cannot be hidden you will inevitably get some users who will click it instead of the Back button.




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