Cannot create new form, copy or delete my own form

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I have problem with Office 365 Forms in these two days. I cannot create new form, delete my own form or copy my form. For example, if I click create new form, it opens the design page but immediately it will redirect to the "My forms" page again. And when I click delete or copy, it just reload and nothing change.


I have almost 50 forms and usually I can copy, delete or create new one without having any problem. Anyone has any idea why this happened?

When I open my form, there's a strange thing also: my web page always reload. 


I have tried to:

1. clear cache, sign-in and sign-out

2. using incognito window or other browser

3. using other computers


The problem persists. But, when my friend tried to login with their account on my computer, there's no problem with their online form. So I guess the problem is related to my user account.


Does anyone know the solution for this issue? Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you!

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Having this issue as well.

Update: I try to access the forms again today, and it works well. The problem happened for several days 2 weeks ago and I haven't accessed the forms again since Jun 8. And now it has been resolved!