Camera Barcode Scanning

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Would it be possible to add barcode reading functionality into forms? It would be a benefit to me to be able to answer a question by using a mobile tablet or phone camera to scan a barcode of a serial number and populating the text. 

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@DonMen2063 there is a uservoice request for this here which you can vote for.


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Hi Sir,

I am also having the same query, need mobile camera scanning option to input text in microsoft forms by scanning the barcode serial number.
Would update here, if i get solution.
Hey Rob, was there any solution to the inquiry from @DonMen2063? I've built an inventory movement Form and would like to be able to scan a barcode into the answer field reducing on possibility of mistyping the data.



Any progress on this one?  Same use case for me and would be great to have a selectable option to use the camera to scan a type 128 barcode

@DoubleARon Forms doesn't have this functionality but Power Apps does. Have a look a the video here by Shane Young.


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if you want to scan throug iphone or android phone without specific app, encode a url to qrcode which be visited by web browser and send data to backend database.

Or build an app /apk for input.
This seems to me a general feature browser should support. So far Chrome canary has already supported it.