Forms Activity Reports in the Microsoft Admin Center

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Don’t know if or how Microsoft Forms is being used within your organization?  Forms activity reports are rolling out to all Office 365 commercial tenant users over the next week in the Microsoft 365 admin center.  Expect to see them around March 11. 


With this easy to use dashboard, you can dig into many useful aspects of the data:

  • Across your organization:
    • # of Forms Designers
    • # of Forms Responders
    • Total # of users (sum of the two above)
    • # of Forms created
    • # of Signed-in responses received
    • # of Anonymous responses received
  • Per user level:
    • Last Form activity time
    • # of Forms Created
    • # of Forms responded to

See more details here: Microsoft 365 Reports in the admin center - Forms activity




Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Where is this?

A: To access the Admin Dashboard, go to Admin Center -> Reports -> Usage -> Forms -> Activity.


We’d love to get your feedback about this feature. Please go to the Microsoft Forms UserVoice site to offer suggestions or vote on ideas others have already submitted.

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Great development. Are there plans to incorporate this into the Microsoft 365 usage analytics within Power BI?


@James Mountford No plans for that yet, but recording this feedback and will continue to collect asks from others so we can consider it for admin dashboard v2.





@Jon_Kay Great improuvement.

Did Graph Reporting API have been updated accordingly?

If so what are the corresponding syntax?


@Vincent VALENTIN  - GraphAPI support is not available for this data at this time.  But we are tracking it as a request for a potential Activity Reports V2.




@Jon_Kay Thanks for quick feedback. What a shame :sad:

As you said "Potential Activity Report V2" I understand it is not even in developpement and I must connect to Forms report at last every 180 days to export them and have a more longer historical data. I am right?

No API = No way to automatize :sad:


@Vincent VALENTIN yes, if you require a longer view beyond the max, that would be the workaround at this time, but I do agree that isn't very efficient.  We'll continue to look into this


As you said "Potential Activity Report V2" I understand it is not even in developpement and I must connect to Forms report at last every 180 days to export them and have a more longer historical data. I am right?

No API = No way to automatize


Unfortunately this not a new experience. The (admin) management capabilities for new Office 365 services have always a low priority. Some examples?

  • Teams admin center was launched 2 years after Teams GA announcement. Powershell and MSGraph APIs after 12-18 months. 
  • Microsoft Stream, still no API capabilities. Based on the roadmap they are working on first APIs. Again, 2 years after Stream was announced.

From my view, you can expect Forms management capabilities in the next 2 years. 

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Through the experience of using Micro Soft Stream in designing test questions, it was noticed that there are no options for modifying the starting and ending time of the selection after it was designed and presented to the examinees. We want to explain and clarify

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Useful for Aggregate Dashboard.  and Maybe this comment goes in the Forms Admin Wish list...

However, I need to see the Names of the Forms the user created, maybe a link? to go to the form to admin it?

example, we have 15 branches and each has a forklift that needs inspection / maint records. 

For years we have been doing this on paper...  one manager creates a Forklift form for his branch..  then another creates a Forklift form for his branch.. then another.. now we have 3 user created forklift forms .. they all show up as 'numbers' of created forms.. but no other info.  If there is an additional column with Form Names. 

and if it linked to the form to admin it.. Great !



@Bob_Myles Agree with you 100% that the a column with the name of the form that has an active link to the form itself is needed in the Forms usage report.  Some organizations have a legitimate need to monitor how Forms are being used by their staff,  for example where there are organizational usage compliance policies in place.

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A list of Forms and who their creator is would be so useful, it is required when an organisation has strict governance in place and needs to know who is creating Form and for what reason

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