Microsoft Endpoint Manager at Microsoft Ignite 2020

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Looking for a quick guide to Microsoft Endpoint Manager sessions, expert Q&As, deep dives, and more? You've found it!

The world changed what seems like eons ago, and Microsoft Endpoint Manager has helped make the IT side of those changes easier to navigate. With Microsoft Endpoint Manager, you can rely on the power of hybrid or cloud-based environment that can maintain fluidity and business continuity, all while delivering a great user experience—and the security you need to protect it all.

Where can you learn more? Microsoft Ignite 2020! This year’s conference is 100% remote, 100% virtual, and 100% free. That’s right! If you haven’t had an opportunity to attend Microsoft Ignite in the past – due to time, travel, or budgetary constraints – this is your chance!

Not only are we presenting digital breakouts (with live Q&A) and live Ask the Expert sessions, we are doing so with a global audience in mind so you can choose the time that works best with your schedule. We are also supplementing our live programming with on demand videos that dive deeper into the what, how, and why of each technology and capability—plus offering up some juicy post-event opportunities for those yearning for the pre-days of the past.

How do I access all these activities?

Register for free today and start building your schedule for the 48-hour live event. Click the hyperlinks below to add our live sessions to your schedule or save them to your digital "backpack" for reference later on.

Most importantly, make sure you bookmark this blog as we'll be posting updates. (For example, links to the on demand sessions have now been added!)

Now let's get to what's on the agenda for Microsoft Endpoint Manager at Microsoft Ignite 2020!

Digital breakouts (with live Q&A)

Session name

Times offered (duration: 30 min.)

Playing chess on a trampoline: How to innovate in an era of uncertainty (Brad Anderson)

Tues. Sept 22,

11:30 AM PST

Tues. Sept 22,

7:30 PM PST

Wed. Sept 23,

3:30 AM PST

Building a resilient organization on Microsoft 365 (Catherine Boeger)

Tues. Sept 22,

12:15 PM PST

Tues. Sept 22,

8:15 PM PST

Wed. Sept 23,

4:15 AM PST

Windows 10 innovations for enhanced productivity and resiliency (Joe Lurie and Karen Simpson)

Tues. Sept 22,

1:45 PM PST

Tuesday Sept 22,

9:45 PM PST

Wed. Sept 23,

5:45AM PST

Introducing modern admin capabilities to better service Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise (Aleš Holeček)

Wed. Sept 23,

11:30 AM PST

Wed. Sept 23, 7:30 PM PST

Thurs. Sept 24,

3:30 AM PST


Featured and on demand (available starting at 11am PT on September 22nd)

What’s new in Microsoft Endpoint Manager. Part 1 (Steve Dispensa & Ramya Chitrakar)

Transform your organization with Microsoft Productivity Score  (A.J. Smith & Shilpi Sinha)


Ask the experts

Live Q&A continues with our engineers and product team experts

Times offered (sessions are 30 min long)

Ask the Expert: Playing chess on a trampoline: How to innovate in an era of uncertainty

Tues. Sept 22,

1:00 PM PST

Tues. Sept 22,

8:15 PM PST

Wed. Sept 23,

4:15 AM PST

Ask the Expert: Windows 10 innovations for enhanced productivity and resiliency

Tues. Sept 22,

10:30 PM PST

Wed. Sept 23,

6:30 AM PST

Ask the Expert: Introducing modern admin capabilities to better service Microsoft 365 Apps for enter...

Wed. Sept 23,

12:15 PM PST

Wed. Sept 23, 8:15 PM PST

Thurs. Sept 24,

4:15 AM PST

Looking to dive deeper into the topics covered in our digital breakouts? We'll have a variety of technical overviews and deep dives available in the Video Hub on Tech Community—direct from our engineering and product teams!

Video Hub (links available on September 22nd)

Get started with Microsoft Endpoint Manager (Joe Lurie & Mayunk Jain)

Managing Windows devices with Microsoft Endpoint Manager and Windows Autopilot (Michael Niehaus & Miz Rahman)

Managing Apple devices with Microsoft Endpoint Manager (Tiffany Silverstein & Arnab Biswas)

Managing Android devices with Microsoft Endpoint Manager (Esther Salter & Courtenay Bernier)

Configuring zero trust with Microsoft Endpoint Manager (Matt Shadbolt & Clay Taylor)

What’s new in Microsoft Endpoint Manager. Part 2 (Steve Dispensa & Ramya Chitrakar)

Flexible paths to cloud management with Microsoft Endpoint Manager (Rob York)

Endpoint analytics deep dive: putting the end-user experience front and center (Zach Dvorak)

Microsoft Endpoint Manager Configuration Manager Deep Dive (Rob York, Jason Githens, David James)

Secure and deploy Microsoft 365 mobile apps for productivity, collaboration, email, and browsing (Ross Smith & Shiv Patel)

Unify endpoint security management with Microsoft Endpoint Manager and Microsoft Defender ATP (Matt Shadbolt & Dilip Radhakrishnan)

Introducing Microsoft management tools to secure and manage work from home (Matt Shadbolt & Scott Duffey)

Setting up Windows Update for Business via Microsoft Intune (Aria Carley & Dune Desormeaux)

Enabling remote management with Cloud Management Gateway & Cloud Attach (Danny Guillory)

Securing Teams with Microsoft Endpoint Manager (Mayunk Jain & John Gruszczyk)

What’s new in Microsoft Intune for Education (Liz Cox)

Eliminate on-premises print servers with Universal Print (Saurabh Bansal & Jimmy Wu)

Intune App Protection Policies with policy assurance (Ross Smith)

Microsoft Endpoint Manager Reporting Graph APIs and Log Analytics (Spencer Shumway & Durga Kumar Varanasi)

Modern policy management for security and productivity (Aasawari Navathe & Laura Arrizza)

Enable security and productivity quickly using Microsoft Endpoint Manager (Lance Crandall & Tyler Castaldo)

Deep dive into Role Based Access Control (RBAC) in Intune (Pallavi Joshi)

Accelerating the journey to modern management (Chris Sweeney)

How to deploy Windows Virtual Desktop and secure your virtual environment (Maggie Dakeva & Pavithra Thiruvengadam)

Post-event activities

Post-conference: Manage, Configure, and Secure Devices with Microsoft Endpoint Manager

We are offering a special, one-day post-conference event for those seeking to roll up their sleeves and dramatically increase their endpoint management IQ on Tuesday, September 29th from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST). The event will take place in two, four blocks with a Windows devices track and a mobile devices track. Click here to register!

Additional resources

For a look specifically at what's new in Microsoft 365 and endpoint management for education environments, see

For a closer look at sessions and resources related to Microsoft 365 Admin Tools and Experiences, see the Microsoft 365 Admin Guide to Microsoft Ignite 2020

To see what’s what at Microsoft Ignite 2020 related to Windows deployment and servicing:

For the latest in all things Office and Microsoft 365 Apps, bookmark:

I'll personally be moderating some of the Ask the Experts sessions, and monitoring comments on Tech Community, so I look forward to "seeing" you at Microsoft Ignite!


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Thank you for posting this. Super excited for the info being presented.

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Is there session IDs associated with these.  Would like to utilize the Ignite resource downloader. 


Hi @Ascent_TK no. These videos are not available on the Ignite session builder. That's why we created this landing page. Thanks for watching!

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Is there any news on Intune Delivery Optimization and MS Connected Cache which was presented at last year's Ignite?



Hi @JohnMoore33 unfortunately nothing new to report at this time. More to come in the coming weeks or months, but not just yet.

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Thanks for posting this in one spot! I wasn't able to watch live and this helped me catch up

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