Accelerating the journey to modern management


The “work from anywhere” shift aligned stakeholders around the need to modernize, but will remote endpoint management burn out your IT organization before you achieve digital transformation? It doesn’t have to. This session will highlight new tools and insights from actual Microsoft Managed Desktop customer deployments to help you assess, plan, and accelerate your journey to modern management.

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Definitely heading in the right direction - Only as with many things Microsoft, there are a lot of other vendors with long term skin in the game and who are often in customers faces through value added resellers far more frequently. 
The way the managed desktop is pitched here, or seems to be evolving - is an ALL microsoft proposition. Most organizations invest in third party AV and dont trust defender. Most organizations still use and need VPN for legacy apps. 
Microsoft needs to spend some time on the following:
1) Open up some of the bits of Autopilot/Intune so that third parties can also leverage it. For example the security options should extend to third party AV products, the remote control shouldnt just be TeamViewer and nothing else.
2) There are things which Microsoft could make far easier for us.  Cloud only joined (AAD) joined PCs - wont authenticate against On-prem devices without authentication - Well, unless you do some complex config and can work out how to get certs going, so a certificate revocation list can be obtained and then a work PC will trust the on-prem DCs. Jeez - why is that not simply a tick box in Azure, solve it for everyone. Microsoft still operates like everyone is a 10,000 user company - what about IT departments of 10 people. We buy the third party stuff because its simpler. The new windows security features are great - but it's hellishly complicated for small organizations, who therefor wont use it, or turn it on.
3) Keep going with the videos and engage with the feedback. Customers are truly turned on to the new Microsoft. We're tired of vendors selling us everything as a service. or paying for things we never use. We will happily pay money, and tick a box and pay monthly for something if it operates at scale and seamlessly. We want our assets safe, we want our platforms secure reliable and fun to use, and we want them to be seamlessly managed throughout their life cycles. 

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