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At Microsoft, our goal is to empower all developers to be successful at building any application, using any language, on any platform. We are committed to building open, flexible technology that makes it easy for any developer to build adaptable and dynamic applications that run on the cloud and edge and embraces the diversity of languages and developer frameworks.


As one of the top open source collaborators in the world, Microsoft is committed to bringing our engineers and innovation to help foster a healthy open source ecosystem that our customers, developers, and partners can use, modify, improve, and build upon. We believe that open collaboration allows communities to achieve more than their members can do alone, and that it can accelerate innovation. In our own home-grown projects like VS Code, TypeScript, and .NET we foster active communities of developers, both building with or contributing to the project.


Microsoft is an active member and core contributor to open source ecosystems and projects such as the Linux Foundation, Eclipse Foundation, Python Software Foundation, and Rust Foundation. GitHub is home to and the place for anyone from anywhere to build anything, we continue to strengthen our commitment to developer freedom, openness, and innovation. One of the new ways we are continuing to engage and excite our developer audience is through the Open at Microsoft show series.


The Open at Microsoft show is committed to showcasing and highlighting open source projects  across both Microsoft-born projects  as well as featured collaborations. The Open at Microsoft series is a weekly show that features open source projects, showcasing how they provide value to developers and how Microsoft is continuing their efforts to evolve the open source community.


Dapr: The Distributed Application Runtime


For today’s blog, we are going to be featuring the Dapr (Distributed Application Runtime) project. Dapr is a new way to build modern distributed applications. Born at Microsoft in 2019 as an incubations project, it was donated to the Cloud Native Computing Foundation in 2021 and is now a highly successful open-source project. Dapr helps you write flexible and secure microservices that leverage industry proven best practices to build connected distributed applications faster. By letting Dapr’s sidecar take care of the complex challenges such as service discovery, message broker integration, encryption, observability, and secret management, you can focus on business logic and keep your code simple.




At its core, it is focused on making microservice and distributed app developers more productive through utilization of building block APIs and tools to keep your platform agnostic.

Introduction to Dapr

Learn from expert Paul Yuknewicz as we dive deep into the infrastructure of Dapr on the Open at Microsoft show. Find the episode on both Microsoft Learn TV and YouTube.


Join the Dapr Community

It’s easy to get involved in the Dapr community by participating in discussions, joining a community call, or contributing directly to the project. Learn more about how to get involved with Mark Fussell on this next episode on the Open at Microsoft show series. Find the episode on both Microsoft Learn TV and YouTube.



Strengthen your apps with Dapr resiliency


The new Dapr Resiliency building block allows you to build robust and invincible microservices. This next episode with Nick Greenfield dives into how Dapr Resiliency provides developers with powerful tools and techniques to enhance the reliability and fault-tolerance of microservices architectures. Key topics covered include understanding the importance of resiliency in distributed systems, implementing retries and circuit breakers, handling transient failures, and leveraging Dapr's built-in features for resiliency. The episode highlights how Dapr Resiliency empowers developers to build highly resilient microservices that can withstand failures and ensure smooth operations even in challenging distributed environments. Find the episode on both Microsoft Learn TV and YouTube.




How to stay updated on the latest Open at Microsoft videos


Be on the lookout for the next featured open source episode from the Open at Microsoft show series, and how you can contribute back to the ecosystem. To get new updates of episode releases be sure to subscribe to our YouTube page here.

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