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We know it’s not easy juggling tradeoffs and prioritizing improvements. This is where the Azure Well-Architected Framework comes into the picture.  
Here’s how we describe it: 


The Well-Architected Framework is a set of guiding tenets that can be used to improve the quality of a workload. The framework consists of five pillars of architecture excellence: Cost Optimization, Operational Excellence, Performance Efficiency, Reliability, and Security. Incorporating these pillars helps produce high-quality, stable, and efficient cloud architecture. 


Using the Azure Well-Architected Framework as our guide, we are going to do something we have never done before. On September 23rd online at Learn TV, followed several weeks later around the globe via the Microsoft Reactors,  we’re going to take you behind the scenes at Azure. 


Join us for Well-Architected: The Backstage Tour, a virtual event where you will get five brief peeks at how we power the features that address each of these pillars of the Azure Well-Architected Framework. Not only will you learn how things work behind the curtain, but you’ll also take away some tips and tricks you won’t find anywhere else. 


Mark Russinovich, Azure Chief Technology Officer, will deliver the opening address to this two hour live event on Learn TV. It will bring you five sessions, each with an opportunity to get your questions answered directly from our speakers. 


And if you miss this week, don’t worry about it! Register now and we’ll notify you as soon as the recording is available. 



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Please see below for the full list of sessions and their speakers. 


Presenter: Mark Russinovich 

Reliability: Bringing Reliability Right to your Front Door  
Presenter: Daniel Gicklhorn, Director Content Delivery for Azure. 
In this session we’ll go behind the scenes with Azure Front Door and how it leverages global vantage points and Microsoft’s global network to self-heal and optimize user experiences all the way from the edge to the app on Azure. 



Security: The Secret Life of a Security Signal  
Presenter: Rod Trent, (Senior Security Cloud Advocate), Cloud Advocacy 


To combat cyber-attacks and protect against urgent threats, Microsoft collects billions of signals from the security ecosystem to create the contextual threat intelligence that’s built into products like Office 365, Windows, and Azure, Defender and Azure Sentinel. 


In this session, follow a single signal through its entire journey - from first detection in the wild to the rules that protect you. Then, we'll show you how to gain direct access to these rules and extend them for your own purposes. 


Cost Optimization: Two reasons why you should believe us when we say you can optimize your Azure costs  


Priyanshi Mittal (PM), Azure Cost Management and Billing 

Ritesh Kini (Senior PM), Azure Cost Optimization 

David Blank-Edelman (Senior Cloud Advocate), Scalable Content   

Azure has many tools and techniques to help customers optimize their cloud spend.  In this session, we are going to behind the scenes and look at two of them built into Azure Advisor. There’s some pretty magical stuff based on fascinating research and careful engineering powering this service. We will show you all that plus some direct tips for your own cost optimization efforts. 


Operational Excellence: ARM Templates Unplugged: How your resource actually gets provisioned  
Alex Frankel (Senior PM), Azure Deployments   

David Blank-Edelman (Senior Cloud Advocate), Scalable Content  

Reproduceable infrastructure and workloads can be crucial for operational excellence. At some point as you build on Azure you will press into service some ARM templates – either authored directly or through tools like Bicep, Farmer, or PSArm. Ever wonder how we go from a simple template to a not-so-simple set of running resources? We’ll reveal the whole story from end-to-end and in the process show you some tips for working with this key provisioning tool.  



Performance Efficiency: Fast & Furious: Optimizing for Quick & Reliable VM Deployments  

Presenter: Sofia Joison (PM), Azure Core Fundamentals 
Virtual Machines are the building blocks of the cloud. And with something that fundamental, it's important to have a performant and reliable experience. In this session, we will go behind the scenes and learn about Azure's secret sauce to provisioning VMs. We'll share some tips and tricks so you can leverage these capabilities to ensure you get the best experience for all your VM deployment needs. 



We hope you can join us - RSVP today! 

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