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Some of the reports in the GitHub repo will work IF you change the URL which is called in the function. The reports are also of date, they can be made to work. IMHO the reports in the repo should be updated or the Repo deleted.
Will this also be available for A5 please?
Dear @Brok3NSpear,Thank you for your feedback! We're sorry that you are having difficulties. Please contact MS support teams and mention that you are having issues with the new MDE Deception feature.They will be sure to assist you.
Keep getting the error that the action has failed when turning on the default rule for this.No changes were made, just enabled it.It may be that as this is very new there are teething issues? If not, any pointers to get this up and running?Looking in the portal, it just shows as in Progress. [Edit]T...
How to Activate troubleshooting mode on Defender when the device is not connected to the network (and portal, as well) if tamper protection was enabled globally via Intune or Defender portal? Thank you in advance.