Limited Rooms

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I'm looking at setting up bookings but we are in a situation where we are not only limited by staff members but also by other resources.  In our case meeting rooms.


So an appointment should only be bookable when a staff member and a suitable room is available.  


I can't work out how to set this up.  It might happen in other cases where you would need a particular piece of equipment too?





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Hi, Deskflex is a powerful meeting Room Scheduling Software, you'll be able to make the best use of your office space and employee satisfaction. DeskFlex offers you reliability and efficiency in one ideal tool. The DeskFlex can maximize workflow and space utilization and reduce employee frustration.@IanHarrison


@Chris_Hobs thanks for the tip.  However, it would be non-trivial for me to get a different platform approved and adopted fo ruse.  Also having a quick look at the link this looks to be a room booker and does not provide a service/person booker (which also allocates rooms to meetings)

Hi @IanHarrison, you can switch back to the auto accept option to automatically accept the meeting room bookings based on the availability. You can revert the room mailbox calendar settings to default with the following cmdlet.


Set-CalendarProcessing -Identity <RoomNameOrUPN> -BookInPolicy $null -AllBookInPolicy $True -AllRequestInPolicy $False -ResourceDelegates $null -AutomateProcessing AutoAccept -MaximumDurationInMinutes 1440 -BookingWindowInDays 180 -AllowRecurringMeetings $true


Also, get additional details to customize booking policies and limit access to authorized users by referring the following blog.