Is is possible to hide a staff member from a list?

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We have an O365 admin account (non-email attached) that we use to setup Booking pages for our staff.   Is there a way to hide this admin account from the staff list choices w/o losing the right to manage this from an IT perspective?    I can probably assign the admin right to the person who the booking page belongs to, then remove the admin account from their admin login - but then we lose all access to support and manage it.


I currently changed our admin account staff setting to off all days ..but it still shows in the staff list and does not look good.

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Hi @Vicinitech-RJ 


You would need to go into the service and uncheck (click on) the staff member that you would not like to show. I had to do this for my account for one of our departments to ensure the ability to make edits from my end, but not show up when a booking is made. I have attached an example screen shot. Hope this helps!


Example Bookings.PNG



Thanks for that tip.   I now see how that part worked.  I had originally not assigned a staff to this bookings page - so when they pick from the list, it showed all staff that was setup (including myself).  Now I did what you mentioned and go into the "services" area and actually assigned who should be in there.  That worked - now I only see who is assigned and not myself.