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Hello Community,
Is it possible to change/edit the 'Select Staff' field in Bookings? Instead, I'd like it shows as 'Select Room'
Thanks in advance.

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@vicentegarrido   I have the exacte same need!  as services, I've created blocs of time... 30 min, 60min, 90 min ... and the Staff field is actually my rooms...   have you found a way ? 

No, I haven't found a way to rename the field.

What I've done is on each of my services added a 'custom field' with the following question:
** Please make sure to select one of the rooms from the 'SELECT STAFF (OPTIONAL)' dropdown menu in the second section of this form. Did you already select it? **
Before my users click on 'Book' button, they scroll up on the booking page and select one of the rooms in the 'Select Staff (Optional)' field.

It's not the perfect solution but is a workaround until Microsoft Booking team releases a newer version.

@vicentegarrido   make sense, if the question is mandatory then they can't skip it,  so it becomes a reminder.  It was put online just two days ago,  so I will monitor and if I see many users making a booking, cancelling it to make another one but with a different room, it will be an indication that on the 1st booking they left the drop down to 'Anyone'  then once they got the email confirmation the realize they don't have the right room.   Thanks for your sharing. 

I agree with you @vicentegarrido

It would be good if the 'Staff' can be changed to Room.

As of now, my solution is only educating my peers/user to understand that Select Staff is Select Room. They also stated their wish if the Staff is shown as Room, so that every user would be able to know on the spot how to use the booking app. I wish Microsoft would share their info on how to customize it.