Bookings with me: maximum lead time leads to wrong times displayed on the last day

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We have the following problem: we are setting up a new public meeting type: 121 Coaching.

Settings are straightforward:

  • Meeting duration 15 min

  • Every Tuesday 08 AM - 10 AM and Friday 10 AM - 02 PM

  • Maximum Lead time = 30 days


All works good: available bookable dates and times are matching with the settings EXCEPT 

The day matching today + maximum lead time (today + 30 days) is showing as available date to book even if it falls NOT on Tuesday or Friday.

Even worse, the offered times are all day long. So it's not respecting at all the defined settings.


Any clue what the problem might be?






Bookings lead time 1.jpgBookings lead time 2.jpg


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