Bookings used with a shared email account

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I have an enterprise end user who is trying to integrate Microsoft Bookings (the app) to a group inbox so he can manage an appointment calendar across a group of people. When he tried this, Microsoft Bookings sought to automatically affiliate Bookings with his individual account. (I'm sure for authentication purposes.)  Is it possible integrate/link the bookings app to a shared group inbox?

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Hi Rob, you add in the shared mailbox (It will have a username the same as the mailbox SMTP address E.G as a staff member and assign them to whatever service you have set up. That way the shared mailbox's calendar can be booked by customers and users who can view the shared inbox can likewise view the shared calendar bookings.

So to clarify;
Add a new staff member with the SMTP address of the group inbox (must be a shared mailbox, not a distribution group!)

Assign that staff member to the service and set calendar availability settings up how you like.

Get staff members to add the shared mailbox calendar to their calendar views on Outlook.

End result should be;
A new booking is made (on MS Bookings) against the calendar of the group inbox, this can then be viewed by all staff members associated with the group inbox.


I have added our company's shared e-mail address as a staff member, but it only adds them under "Guest" mode, which means the shared Outlook calendar cannot be used. This was the whole point of using the work e-mail instead of our personal work e-mails, because we need bookings to link to the shared e-mail's Outlook.  

@Mikayla1435 We have the same issue. Did you find a solution to add the shared mail address in a different mode? :) Thank you in advance