Whiteboard Missing

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Hello, I am using the whiteboard app on the iPad Pro 2020 and tried the web version on the Macbook Air. The last time it was still working was yesterday around 7pm China Time. I am using my personal outlook, but it is a Microsoft 365 family subscription. when I log into my whiteboards they have all disappeared (there's about 15). When I try the link from before, it gives me the following error: Whiteboard Correlation Id: ca22e680-7e17-45e9-9e34-a19523a92437 2022-02-05T14:22:57.355ZImage here's another one: Whiteboard Correlation Id: 692e536a-af84-4af0-8690-7dae3b95022d 2022-02-05T14:26:55.087Z I think the whiteboard may have deleted...as it says "The link to this whiteboard may have changed. Check with the creator to make sure you have the right link." But is there a way to recover them? I have very important notes written on these, and I cannot export them without getting into my Whiteboard. Any help would be appreciated!

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