Viso 2019 Standard UML Stencils

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I have just purchased Visio 2019 Standard. However, it does not appear to have the UML stencils.


Does Visio 2019 Standard support UML diagrams - I.e. come packaged with the stencils you need to draw the diagrams?


How do you find the UML stencils in Visio 2019 Standard?

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Despite what I was told by the Microsoft sales person, the standard editions of Visio do not include support for UML Class diagrams. And by the looks of it, all other UML diagrams.



@AJR123I'm a 3rd-party supplier of stencils and addons for Visio. I have a large set of UML stencils at . The basic shapes are free with an extra set available for US$20.