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We are using Office 2016 as part of Office 365.


Which version of Visio Standard or Professional will install with it. Trying to avoid the subscription model if possible.

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Think I found the answer.


It appears that Stand-alone Visio and Office 365/Office 2016 Click-to-Run are not compatible.


Sad but I guess true.

Went through this last week.  I discovered these


The technet article explains how you can install Visio as a click to run product using the Office Deployment Tool and modifying the configuration file for those of us with Volume licensing.  Unfortunately, it doesn't work with MAK keys which is what we bought in January through our renewal.  Currently trying to work with our software vendor to see what we are going to do to fix this.

Thanx for the links.


Guess we do without Visio since we are on Office 365 and the beancounters aren't going to go the subscription cost.


Such is life :(

Someone just told me yesterday that you can install the Visio 2013 Pro version and it will work.  I haven't tried it yet.

Interesting that it would work. Don't have that version.

I've managed to install Visio 2016 standalone with a key on top of Office 365 ProPlus.


After installing, it broke my Office 365 ProPlus, so I had to repair it. After repairing I had to register the installations again (key and O365 account). And now it all seems to work.

If it helps, I've installed Visio 2013 with a MAK alongside and Office 365 (2016 version), which worked fine. The only downside worth mentioning, other than the version difference, is that the monthly updates for both versions of office are needed, with 2013 versions being quite large.

I now use a subscription Visio 2016 and have removed all Office 2013 components and the experience is much better (faster pc and smaller updates).