Visio 2016 floorplans - how to make dimensions show all the time

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I am drawing floorplans in Visio (for the first time). When I input or edit a single component / element (e.g. a wall) the main dimension - length in this case - comes up on screen. Also, when I select a whole bunch of elements (e.g. drag to select the whole floorplan) ALL the selected elements show their dimensions.


However at all other times, these dimensions do not show.


There must be a way to force these dimensions to appear on screen all the time. How to do this?


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I'm not sure that is good idea make visible this dimensions always!


Usually peoples want hide these dimensions :)

TechNet thread about hide dimensions or Microsoft Answers forum thread

Each Wall shape have cell named visBESelected, if shape selected Visio core engine set value 1 in this cell. And if shape is not selected this value is 0. Dimensions visible only if value in this cell is 1.

You can write macro which iterate all shapes and set in this cell value 1 !

@Alastair_M right click & "add a dimension"