Timing issues when export to video in Powerpoint

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We made a Powerpoint presentation with music and lyrics on each page, using timing to advance to the next slide. The timing is spot on when playing the presentation. However, when we export to video, the timing is way off. 

We are using the Use Recorded Timings and Narrations option. The timing is still off. Any suggestions on how to fix this? It was working before.

Thank you.

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@MicheleWhite  From what I can guess, it seems that if you added an audio clip, the slide will persist for the actual length of the original clip music on the slide. I had one slide with music--it persisted until the song ended and faded out. The spoken narration were all fine in timing and recording.

What I'd suggest is that you edit the music clips down to what you want in something like Audacity--or remove the music pieces from the slides and see if it works.

@jhengstlerAlso check what your playback settings are for the music you added to each slide. For example, is Play Across All slides checked? Loop until Stopped?

@MicheleWhite Once I edited the clip down, I went back into the first slide--cleared the narration and timing, and deleted the original longer music clip (was 2:30). I embedded the new clip (8 sec), made sure that under Audio Tools> PlayBack, Play Across Slides and Loop until Stopped were both unchecked. For my purposes, I also had it play in the background. Then I tried exporting again and it worked the way it was supposed to in terms of playback & timings in the MP4.

@jhengstlerI am having the same issue. When I play the it in PowerPoint and when choosing "Preview Timing and Narrations" before exporting, it all works fine, with music ending at 4:27, slide 25.


It wasn't until I decided to record the slideshow and advance the slide manually (following my original timecodes) that I realized that the song compresses and ends somewhere around 3:30 mark. After I chose to "improve media performance" did I get some of the time back. But still lost about 13 seconds. Luckily these 13 seconds didn't make to much of a difference.

@MicheleWhite For what it's worth, I was able to correct this issue by converting my .mp3 file to .wav in Audacity and re-exporting the video from Powerpoint.

Now there’s a great idea, thanks! I’ve also had terrible timing issues and noticed that things became more and more distorted the longer the .mp3 on slide 1 ran. I have a strong feeling this will work in my case too.

@Ashley74 In fact this didn’t resolve the timing issue I’m afraid… so frustrating. 



hmm. I did that already using audacity and made a single audio file of times music. Same problem! 

I am now going to have to air acidosis with no sound and find a software that can pair them .   

I am tired of Microsoft having all these glitches.   It should not say it can videos if it can’t do it in sync. Sucky. 

I have a funeral. I need to have the slideshow for in a couple days and I’m feeling basically left out to dry. By left false claims.