Teams on Android - select Bluetooth device (from multiple active connections)

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While working from home, I need go to pick up my son from school.

Using Android Teams application, and while on a teams meeting or a teams call, my headset stays connected until I start my car engine.

This is the time when sporadically the app switches me to car Bluetooth or keeps me connected on the headset.

The options I see on Android teams app while I have multiple active Bluetooth connection are:

  • Device
  • Speaker
  • Bluetooth
  • Audio Off

If Teams already switched me from headset to car Bluetooth the only way I can get back the sound on the headset is from car menu (to disconnect car from phone), or from Android menu (disconnect phone from car) , but there is no control in Teams app.


My ask for the community: should we be able to see all Bluetooth active connections to choose from and get control back?

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It sounds like your car and phone are connecting at the point you switch on the engine. At that point the cars Bluetooth is creating a link with your phone and taking control. Try disabling Bluetooth in your car then your BT connection with your headset/teams will continue.