Stop scrolling across slides

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Currently if you slowly scroll to the edge of a slide (to examine/edit the details there), all of a sudden you land in the adjacent slide, defeating the purpose of scrolling.


My humble ask: please make mouse scrolling only move inside the same slide. NEVER jump to another slide. If near the edge, show a margin of the next slide but don't jump to it unless the mouse clicks on that margin.


Page Up/Down keys should be used to jump between slides, AND jump to the exact same location of that slide -- very useful for quickly going through slides and see if elements stay in the consistent spot (elements could be different and can't be placed using the slide master).


Ctrl + mouse drag = pan (feature request)
Ctrl + mouse wheel = zoom (existing feature)
Mouse drag alone = select (existing feature)
Mouse wheel alone = scroll (existing feature -- but don't go across slides!)
Page Up/Down = fly through slides (always land in the same location)
Left/Right/Up/Down arrows = slow move inside slide (when no element is selected)


Now imagine the productivity/experience enabled by this solution...

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I agree with the request on this post. Scrolling within the slide viewer should never advance to the next slide. If I want to advance through the slides, I can scroll through the slide previews in the panel on the left. Advancing to the next slide, especially when zoomed in at 400%, is really perplexing me :)