Resizing a graphic in Visio does not lock aspect ratio

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I imported a logo into Visio, and attempted to resize it using the pointer tool.


However, holding down the shift key does not lock the aspect ratio.


Visio is the only drawing software I've ever used, including MS Word, that does not lock the aspect ration when the shift key is held down.


I tried the Size and Position dialog box, but there is no way to lock the aspect ratio when changing dimensions.


What is the procedure for resizing an imported graphic while locking the aspect ratio?

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Open the shape sheet and under protection change the value of LockAspect from 0 to 1.



Since Visio 2010. For open ShapeSheet window, you need activate Developer mode.

MS Visio. How enable Developer Tab





I use Visio 2019 Professional. There i can resize foreign image with aspect ratio:

1. Pull the vertex (corner) of the image   

2. Press SHIFT key and pull handle (middle of side) of the image.

@Deleted : I am using Microsoft Professional 2019.


I imported a graphic.


When I select the graphic, and hold down the Shift key, the aspect ratio is not constrained.


Visio is the only program I've ever used where the Shift key does not constrain the aspect ratio. It is very strange behavior. 


Is there a setting that needs to be changed?

At my side i have correct settings by default !

I opened the Options window in Visio. I was not able to find a Setting pertaining to aspect ratio.


Could you direct me to the Setting that needs to be revised?


In the File menu there is an Options category.  Under Options select customize the Ribbon then enable Developer as a menu item.  With the Developer menu item select Show ShapeSheet.  In the shape sheet there is a Protection category with a LockAspect setting.  Change the 0 to a 1.  Make sure that the object that you want to lock the aspect ratio is selected before showing the shapeSheet.



Thank you, Joseph!
As author of ShapeSheet Knowledge Base i know about it. This info can be useful for topic starter!?!

User can lock aspect ration without ShapeSheet


Thanks very much for your reply! I will try this as soon as possible.
I can confirm that this approach works.

I'm unsure that why an application that primarily uses graphics would make the tool to constrain the aspect ratio so difficult to find, and why holding the Shift key down does not constrain the aspect ratio like every other application in the world.
Pulling the middle handle does constrain the aspect ratio. Why in the world doesn't this work on a corner handle?
in other applications you can find same behavior: pulling a corner handle resize shape with protect aspect ratio!
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Open the shape sheet and under protection change the value of LockAspect from 0 to 1.


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