Remote Desktop for macOS fails to reconnect to sessions...

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OS: macOS 11.2.3 Big Sur

RDP Version: 10.5.2 (1863)

Issue: Whenever I have been away from my computer for a while, on returning I am unable to reconnect to any of my RDP sessions. Switching to any of the sessions that RD says are still active (green dot in RD) just shows a blank screen. Sometimes, if I wait for several minutes, the session appears to come good. However, I normally have to disconnect and reconnect. In all cases, on disconnecting, the remote session window shows for a split second before the session is actually disconnected. This appears to be only an issue when my local macOS power save has kicked in and put my local displays to sleep, when I've been away or inactive for long enough. The Mac and remote systems are not set to power save sleep. Other network services on the Mac all appear to work just fine. It's only the RDP sessions that are not reestablishing. If the local Macs screens haven't gone to sleep, switching to active RDP sessions appears to function normally. This has been the same behaviour for a couple of years, through multiple version updates of both macOS and RDP.

Anyone else experiencing this problem or have any suggestions, please?

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So add insult to injury. When trying to quit RD, when multiple open sessions aren't reconnecting properly, quitting RD you are presented with this:


If you "Cancel" RD doesn't quit and the stale sessions are left running. If you select "Reconnect" the stale sessions still can't reconnect and you are stuck in an app that won't quit, without forcing it to!!!


Logic loop/bomb/bug!

According to this UserVoice thread this fix has been planned, by Microsoft, since 06/2015!?

I guess we're confusing Microsoft with a company that gives a **bleep** about breaking their own product?

This is the new software reality.

We release stuff, if things break then we will only fix them in two situations:
1. Enough people complain about it, from organisations that are big enough to care about (enterprises and governments, in the USA only). Everyone else is ignored.
2. Anything that looks like a viable class action is gathering pace.