"Rating" field from a Form to a SharePoint List

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How does one get a "Rating" field (using stars format) get pushed into a SharePoint list field? Using flow to push through the various fields of the form, but I can't find the right format for the SharePoint list field that needs to accept the "Rating" value.

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I figured it out, please ignore my question...

HI There, would you mind sharing how you found this? I would also like to add rating to a custom list.

@Stefanos Papadopouloshow did you get the forms to push a rating using flow to the sharepoint list.  I would like to know how.  I'm guessing my problem is the column datatype or definition in the list.  I have tried number - since the graphic stars will be the number.  But the dynamic content list doesn't show the form entry to map to the field - the list is empty aside from the form id.

@Stefanos Papadopoulos 

This is for the people following the thread.  I had the same issue and was also disappointed that the solution was not provided.


I created a SharePoint list and the rating field was created as a Number field.  When mapping the response field to SharePoint, the only option available from Dynamic Content was the Response ID (which is an integer).  This tells me that the source field needs to be an integer.  When exporting to Excel, I noticed that the field type came across as "General" (Text/String). 


The "rating" field from Forms is not provided when you try to map because it views it as Text/String so it has to be converted to a number.  After digging, I found a post that shows the Expression option (at the top of the Dynamic Content pane).  Click that and select the function INT().  Here is what is non-intuitive.  Click BACK on the Dynamic content link and ALL of your form fields are displayed.  Make sure your cursor is between the () and select your rating field.  Click OK and it will add the function to your form.  Works like a charm!

This is EXACTLY my problem - but you didn't provide the solution of how to fix it :( 

If you could shed some light on how you resolved it, users around the globe would be super thankful!

@Stefanos Papadopoulos