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I manage a small O365 tenant. They want to always have the correct contact info for all employees.

They have set up their o365 accounts on their phones and the local outlook contacts are syncing.


But how do I get all employees contacts into everyones outlook contacts. I know this is easily done manually adding the contacts in Outlook - but I would very much like a solution that just pushes the contacts from the GAL to every user. Is this possible?

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You can easily script this, or use one of the readily available programmatic solutions out there. Here's the one I prefer: https://github.com/gscales/Powershell-Scripts/tree/master/EWSContacts

@Vasil Michev 


Thanks for this, this could work, but I'm not sure, as I am not that good at powershell yet.

The documentation does not help me either, so if you have some good links to where i can read up on this, it is much appreciated.


Or some of the other solutions you mentioned?