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I manage a small O365 tenant. They want to always have the correct contact info for all employees.

They have set up their o365 accounts on their phones and the local outlook contacts are syncing.


But how do I get all employees contacts into everyones outlook contacts. I know this is easily done manually adding the contacts in Outlook - but I would very much like a solution that just pushes the contacts from the GAL to every user. Is this possible?

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You can easily script this, or use one of the readily available programmatic solutions out there. Here's the one I prefer: https://github.com/gscales/Powershell-Scripts/tree/master/EWSContacts



Thanks for this, this could work, but I'm not sure, as I am not that good at powershell yet.

The documentation does not help me either, so if you have some good links to where i can read up on this, it is much appreciated.


Or some of the other solutions you mentioned?

You can use https://github.com/grahamr975/EWS-Office365-Contact-Sync. Let me know if you are succesful and how did you do it, so it will help other people too.


Tried the script - it works like a charm... but could use a little more functionality.

Had some small issues with the setup especially the certificate and secure password file - but got it working :)


Things I wish this script could do as well:

All contacts are synced to the folder I specified, but "file as" has not been set, so insted of sorting all contacts by name, it sorts them after when they where created in O365. :(

This is only in Outlook, on the phone the contacts are sorted alphabetically.


The O365 profile picture for the contacts is also not synced, so users wont get the profile pic shown on the phone when people call.

Hello, i hope all is well!!
i've used the script and done the full setup but i'm having an error:" FATAL Failed verify that Contacts exists for email address removed for privacy reasons Exception calling "Save" with "1" argument(s): "The request failed. The remote server returned an error: (403) Forbidden."
2023/09/18 16:53:53 ERROR Failed to Sync-ContactList for email address removed for privacy reasons Failed verify that Contacts exists for email address removed for privacy reasons.

is it an authentication problem and is it the issue of the Password used in the XML file?
i'm using the global admin password of my tenant