PowerPoint: Quick and Easy Guide to Adding Subtitles to Your Videos

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You can now insert captions in an embedded video in PowerPoint. Have you ever watched a video, and there was background noise or someone with a thick accent that made it difficult to understand what they were saying? That's where closed captions come in!


Video: https://youtu.be/QmqGeOyggg8


In this video, I will show you how to insert a WebVTT caption file into your video in PowerPoint. And, you will learn some additional tricks and tips. But before I let you go, here are some benefits of closed captions.


👉🏿Closed captions are transcriptions of spoken words in a video displayed on the screen.
👉🏿They are essential for ensuring that everyone can understand and enjoy the content, regardless of any hearing impairment, language barriers, or noisy surroundings.
👉🏿Studies have found they improve comprehension and retention of information.
👉🏿Closed captions benefit people learning a new language, as they can read along with the words to better understand the context.
👉🏿They are also useful when the sound needs to be turned off, such as in a library or on a crowded train.

Closed captions make videos more inclusive and accessible to everyone, whether it's for accessibility or convenience.





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