Powerpoint presentation in windowed mode but with presenter screen also visible

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I am a lecturer. Due to Covid pandemic I need to teach my classes remotely. I do this via Teams.

I have two screens, that I use in extended mode. When I start my Powerpoint in presenter mode, on one screen is the presentation in Full screen, and on the other I can see my notes, and I can also see what the next slide or animation will be (so I can look into the future you might say).


I like this presenter screen quite a bit, it is my guidance when teaching remotely. I have this presenter screen on the monitor where also my camera is located, so I can look at my notes and what is coming next, and students at home get the feeling I am looking at them.


BUT: with remote teaching, we are using Teams and I do a screen share of the screen where the presentation is in full screen mode. But then my image, the video of me talking, is reduced to this silly small rectangle at the bottom of the student's screens.


I want to be seen alongside my presentation, so the students get the felling of a live lecture, so they can see my facial expressions, my hand gestures, my stern gaze when doing an assignment :)


I can do this by setting up a windowed presentation, so that I can resize myppt slideshow and put a video stream of myself alongside that slideshow window. I ca then share that screen via Teams.


BUT: then I no longer have the presenter screen, with my Notes and what is going to appear/happen next in the slideshow.


So I am looking for a way to do a Powerpoint slideshow in windowed mode, while retaining the presenter screen, with the Notes and the "looking into the future".


I have been searching and searching, but have not found the correct Powerpoint settings to achieve this. Can anyone enlighten me?

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To clarify, this screenshot. I am looking for a way to get presenter view showing when doing a slideshow in windowed mode. But I cannot put the checkmark there, the possibility is greyed out for some reason ...


Powerpoint presenter view in windowed mode.png

Apparently, this is not possible in Powerpoint. See the answer I received here

I was redirected to the Powerpoint Uservoice site where this idea is suggested to the development team. If you are reading this because of the same issue you are having, I urge you to vote for this idea.


Hi @VayaWillemen 


The only thing I can think of to sort of give you a bit more screen time is every now and again is using Spotlight to focus on yourself and then turn it off to switch back to the presentation.


On your small video feed at the bottom right of the call, click ... and then Spotlight me and confirm in the pop up. Repeat when you turn it off.


It's also a lot easier to use than sharing/unsharing your screen which takes way too many steps and messes things up.


Hope that gives you something!




@Damien Rosario 


Thank you for the suggestion. But I need to be visible during the entire presentation while sharing my second screen. To switch camera view, I use a second device with camera where I am attending the same Teams meeting with the same account. I switch to that with spotlighting when doing a demo (thus abandoning the presentation for a while). That is working perfectly.