powerpoint issues with slide content disappearing after last animation

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I have a 50 slide presentation.  The last 5 or so slides have an issue: after my last animation is triggered by a mouse click, the object completes its animation, then the whole slide goes blank except for the title, and none of the content of the slide reappears.  With the subsequent mouse click, it advances to the next slide.  I have checked all the timing, fade and exit animation buttons and they are all without any selection, and similar to the previous correctly working slide.  What is the problem that I am missing?

The last 10 slides were copies/pasted from another file.  Would this occur if the other file was created on an Apple platform?  I am using Microsoft platform.

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I'm trying to solve this as well. Please Microsoft Team answer us.
Can you attach the file here..
I have 70 pages animated file... but all works fine..

@drsyed Did you find a resolution?  I just had the same issue.  I suspect but cannot prove) that the problem lies either with a corrupted master slide or with a version conversion from 97-2003 to current pptx.

The only way I could solve it was to create a new text box on the slide, copy the content into the new box, then reformat and re-animate the content.  And finally delete any leftover text boxes.  The reason I suspect a master slide is that every time I removed all existing content from a box I was left with one of those "automatic" text boxes you get with the slide masters.

I do know that the original creator/editor of the presentation typically clicked on 'new slide' to create a new one.  I NEVER do.  Rather I duplicate a slide that is close to what I want and edit the duplicate.  That way I avoid all of the 'automatic' pieces that slide masters impose.

Hope this helps someone.

I've found that creating a new slide and then copying all the elements across will generally fix this.