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I'm having a problem with PowerPoint animations. I'm converting a large batch of presentations into a new format, with some carefully designed new layouts to be applied. The new format calls for a standard set of animations, so the designer has put them in the slide master. The problem is that when I apply new layouts to my slides, some of the animations work, but some don't. The one that isn't working should animate the title text frame on each slide, but roughly half the time it doesn't do anything. 


I've created a demo file to show the problem, which is attached here. I've exaggerated the animations so it is very clear when it doesn't work. As you can see, the title text on the first slide animates as per the slide master layout, but the second one doesn't, although the green line below it animates correctly. I cannot work out why - the title frame is definitely a title frame, there are no other animations on the slide, and the slide layout is definitely the same as the slide that works. I've tested the title frames using a macro I wrote and there is no apparent difference between them - they are both definitely title placeholders, but one animates correctly and the other doesn't. 


Any ideas? All help much appreciated.

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Update to my previous comment...I now know what the problem is, but I can't see an easy way of fixing it. For some reason, the XML files of the slides that don't work have "showMasterPhAnim = 0", which I guess is inhibiting the animation. The question is, how do I change that for a large batch of slides?