PowerPoint 365 64bit ppam AutoLoad addin

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We have a PowerPoint (ppam) add-in file that we are trying to load via the Registry. 

We were able to load in our old environment (Office 2013 32bit) but can't seem to do so in the new environment (Office 365 64bit).


I pushed out the following key, but it doesn't do anything:


"Path"="C:\\Program Files\\Microsoft Office\\root\\Office16\\Library\\RibbonPP.ppam"
"AutoLoad"=hex(b):01,00,00,00,00,00,00,00 (this is set as QWORD to allow for 64bit)


If I manually enable the add-in via File > Options > Add-ins > PowerPoint Addins > this works, but the next time I launch PowerPoint the add-in is again disabled and it has to be rechecked.




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