OneCloud links to my old username online and in Teams

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I changed my username/email in Office365. I had to log out and log back into Teams of course. 


Now in both the online Office365 and Teams, OneDrive is not working. 


I can see online the OneDrive link is linked to my old username in the URL. So when I click on it it says "404 FILE NOT FOUND"


If I change the URL to my new username it works fine, and the syncing from the app on my computer works OK. So its just the link in the left app list in OneDrive is wrong. 


In Teams it says the Item might not exist or is no longer available when on the main root OneCloud section. I assume due to the above issue. I have logged out of teams and back in, but Teams is probably also linking it to my old username. 


How does one fix this please? 



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Same issue here. Will see what I can find out from MS Support.