One note synchronization changes text color to grey on other devices

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My problem is, that the text I write (with a pen by hand) on my tablet, shows up in light grey on my surface laptop. It is the same issue the other way around (text written on my surface laptop shows up in light grey on my tablet). This problem first came up when I started using the tablet. Prior to this I synchronized between two laptops (both on the desktop app) and that worked out fine. Since then I also expanded my one drive cloud storage, in case this is of importance.


This defeats the whole purpose of synchronizing my notebooks on my devices since I'm only able to properly read them on the one I created the text with in the first place. 


I use the app and the desktop app for one note, but the same problem arises when I manually enter in the browser (chrome and edge alike) on my devices. 

I was not able to find help for this online or via the support chat function (Case number 1037312736)

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I'm experiencing the same issues.

My way of somewhat avoiding this so far is to setup pages for "single device editing".

It's not great, but as long as the origin device of said page is the only one making the edits, no grey text or drawings appear when viewing across devices.


I hope there's a fix for this soon.