MS Visio 2013 Pro missing stencils

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I have MS Visio 2013 Professional. Most of the stencils and shapes available for the Pro version are gone after the last reinstallation. This applies, for example, to UML and BPMN diagrams. How to restore them?

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Nobody can help?
So here is a supplement. This issue is caused by the installation of Office 365 on my computer. It's impossible to install MS Visio 2013 with the offline installation (img file). There is a conflict between versions. So I tried to install MS Visio 2013 with Clik-to-run according to

The installation starts without any other messages or windows. After a couple of minutes, I can find the MS Visio Pro 2013 on my computer. When I start the Visio it showed up it is MS Visio 2013 Professional. But the stencils are from the standard version. Eg lack of BPMN 2.0.

I also noticed that my license key available on my Office account is different than my original license key. Why did it change?

What I really feel right now? Cheated by Microsoft. I paid for the Pro version and after a couple of years, I'm downgraded to the standard content of Visio. Why? Does MS want more money from me?