MS Planner task removed from MS teams app

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Any reason why MS planner tasks suddenly disappeared from MS teams app but tasks are available in online version? This happened when a user created new planner task and suddenly the old one removed from ms teams app (desktop version).


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Microsoft is rolling out Tasks in Teams as a central hub to mange your personal and Planner Tasks

@elaheh Hello, see this info for a detailed explanation to the previous reply.


"The Planner app in Teams will become the Tasks app. Users will now be able see their individual tasks and team tasks in a single app. We’re also introducing both a list view and a new mobile tasks experience within the Teams app for mobile devices. The Planner app will be renamed after the rollout is complete, as described below."


We will begin roll-out in July (previously June) and expect to be complete in August (previously mid-July).


This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 57213 and 65385


How does this affect me?


Users will see individual tasks powered by To Do (which also powers Outlook tasks) and team tasks powered by Planner. Existing Planner tabs will behave the same as they do today but will show an additional list view. Users will be able to add new Tasks tabs to the channels in teams they belong to. Users can also access the Tasks app in the same ways they previously accessed the Planner app.


Renaming the Planner app in Teams to Tasks and enabling a mobile experience in Teams

We’re planning to rename the Planner app to Tasks. The new Tasks experience will contain individual tasks and team and channel tasks, similar to how Files encompasses a user's personal files in their own OneDrive for Business as well as their team and channel files.  We’ll make this adjustment in two steps. 


Once we’ve made the new tasks experience broadly available to all public cloud organizations, we’ll enable the Tasks in Teams mobile experience and complete a logo update and an interim rename of the Planner app. Its interim name will be Tasks by Planner and To Do. This will help ensure the app can be found when searching for Planner while adding a tab or searching for the app in the app catalog.


A few months after the interim name change, the app name on desktop will be shortened to Tasks. 


This name change applies only to the Planner app in Teams. All other Planner clients and To Do clients will keep their existing names, and users can continue to use those clients to manage tasks just as they do today. 


Task publishing functionality will be available as part of a private preview.

Note - Government tenants will see the name change when it rolls out but will not see the additional user experience changes until a later date. We will communicate via Message center once these are available.


What do I need to do to prepare for this change? 


Your organization’s internal training or documentation may need to be updated to reflect the name change and updated experience. 


For more information about the Tasks in Teams functionality, please refer to our documentation: Manage the Tasks app for your organization in Microsoft Teams




In the new app with To Do and Planner tasks all together, there is no way to see all your planner tasks in a panel view - which was the good part! Will this become an option?

(We use the options with radio buttons a lot and the list view in the Todo-tasks-app in Teams will then become useless.)

Now the whole company had to leave Teams for the web-Planner to see all their Planner tasks in one view. "My Tasks".

@livsdans Hello, not sure I fully understand. Do you mean that the filtering options are not good enough?


Within Teams in the "Tasks by Planner and To Do" app located at the top right corner.




Hi, I like to see all my tasks from the different planners in a board view. As far as I can see that is not possible in the new app. Under "Assigned to me" it is just a list.

@livsdans Look at my attached picture and click on "Board".


Yes, I see it but is that when you have choosen "Assigned to me"? I just have these options:



@livsdans Ok, now I understand. I've been using the "Shared Plans - Planner". Located under the "My tasks - To Do". It's the associated groups Planner. Apparently the view you're looking for isn't available when selecting the latter option from within Teams.

Yes exactly, the old Planner app in Teams had the "my task"-option that collected all your tasks from all the different planners that you belong to. We used it all the time. Now if you use the app you have to go in to every planner and cannot have the full overview of you due dates for example. Now we all have to go to the web planner. Cannot believe why this option is not avaliable in the updated app. :(

@livsdans Hi, try asking Microsoft for an official answer about the view that's missing. I'm not a Planner expert to be honest. Your IT admin can assist with a Service request.

I have tried in different forums but I got no contact :(

@livsdans As I said, your IT administrator can assist with that. Reach out to him/her to help you with a support ticket.