Microsoft 365 E5 Developer RENEWED and DISABLED

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I joined the Microsoft 365 Developer Program on April 12, the first renewal was until October 10,
and the second until January 8, 2023, but since October 5 it is disabled. (we do not know why).
Several open cases with Microsoft Support, but they do not solve it.
All user data is not available.
It seems like they don't know about the developer program.
I do not know what else to do.
Hello Yuan,
 This email is in regards with the case xxxxxxx.
 As I can check that the subscription: Microsoft 365 E5 Developer (without Windows and Audio Conferencing) was in trial and if it is in trial it should be for only one month.
 I am not sure how it was until 1/8/2023. May I know from where you have gotten the trial version of the subscription?
 Look forward to hearing from you.
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