Insert Icons not present in Powerpoint 2016

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In my former company I had a button to insert scaled vectored items, called Icons. 

It was in the menu Insert > Images > Icons.

I switched companies and in my current office version I don't have this feature. I also can't add it from the menu items in File > Options > Customize Ribbon


Of course I could add images from the internet, but the nice thing about Icons was that I could give them a specific color, while keeping the background transparant. With images from the internet I can only change the "fill" and outline, of the complete picture. 


See picture where the button is missing.

In the online powerpoint version the button is present by the way. 


Is there anything to change in this? 

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@evelienk Which PowerPoint version do you use? This is available in PowerPoint in Office 365 and PowerPoint 2019, NOT in PowerPoint 2016.

If you use the subscription version Office 365, an update should add the icons feature. If you use the standalone version 2016, you have to purchase either 365 or 2019.

I have a office 365 subscription. In the online version I do have insert icons. But as soon as I click on "open in desktop app" that button is disappeared.


Just adding the feature is not possible, it is nowhere present in the menu in File > Options > Customize Ribbon

When did you last update your Office 365? Which version no. is shown under File - Account? Icons should be there in an updated version. They cannot be added to the Ribbon via Options.


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