Graph api Calendar Events - Recurring Events - Only first instance of series is returned in response

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Hi Everyone,


We are trying to retrieve calendar events using the below API:$filter=start/dateTime ge "2021/05/26T00:00:00"

Below are the limitations we are seeing in the API response in respect with recurring events:

1) The "Start" and "End" properties of the recurring event are the start and end date of the first occurrence of the series. Due to this we are unable to query future occurrences of recurring events.




For example, we have set a recurring event that repeats everyday starting from 2021/05/25 for a year. If we try to query the API to retrieve future events (considering today, 2021/05/26) , then though recurring event is expected to be shown in the response, it is not found.

2) The recurrence pattern has info regarding the start and end date of the series. However, if we try to filter the recurrence property(we want to filter the recurrence range), we are getting an error saying "Recurrence property is not supported for filtering"



Can you please let us know an ideal solution to be able to retrieve the recurrent event instance/series information using start and end date filter with the calendar events API.


The event is returned only by matching with the properties of the first occurrence of the event.


We are looking for the event to be retrieved until the end of the recurring series is > current date.



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In case you're still looking for a solution, I think the calendarView endpoint could be a solution. You have to filter the events by start and end dates, and it returns all of the recurrences in that time span.


Good luck!