Frightening permissions required when adding Google calendar to Outlook

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Under Outlook Online you can add personal calendars (so they're merged in the view with your work calendars) from under Add calendar -> Add Personal calendars. Great idea! However, when you try to add a Google calendar these are the required permissions:


This is a complete no-go for me: I'd like to display my personal calendar in Outlook. I don't even want to edit it. But I could kind of accept calendar permissions. But why on earth does Outlook need permission to have complete control over my e-mails? My Drive? My contacts?


Can this be changed?


This would be crucial because it seems that currently there is simply no way to have a single calendar view of all events in your personal work (Outlook), group work (Office Groups) and personal private (Google) calendars in a single view: Due to this you can't view Google Calendar events in Office, and due to this issue it's not possible to show group calendar events in Google Calendar.


Thanks in advance!

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@ZoltanLehoczky  I completely agree. I'm just writing to add my support to this call for less broad permissions being requested to integrate Google calendar into Office 365 Calendar.  Like Zoltan, I just require a read only view of my Google calendar. This shouldn't require giving permission to read my email or google drive, or delete my data

@PeterAshford In the meantime, I managed to just display my personal Google Calendar's (or another one's) content in Outlook: You can select "Add calendar" → "Subscribe from web", and use the export URL of the other calendar. For Google Calendar you can find this under Settings → "Settings for my calendars" → select the calendar in question → find the "Secret address in iCal format”.