External Meetings Being Auto-Declined

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In the past week, we have had 3 instances where an outside vendor’s calendar invite to either a Zoom or a Google meeting have been automatically declined by an invitee who did not respond at all to the invite.

This morning I saw it first hand.  3 days ago an outside (our domain) vendor sent 2 of us an invite to a ZOOM meeting.  Person A accepted the meeting, Person B did not respond.  The meeting was for 9:30am ET.

This morning at 8:05am ET the sender received an invitation decline notice from Person B who did not respond.  Person B did not decline the meeting.

In all of the instances there are two things in common:

  1. Both of these meeting were forwarded by ME to the MS Teams Conference room we would be meeting in.
  2. All of the meetings were declined by a person who was listed in the invitation as NO RESPONSE.

Any ideas what would be triggering these auto-declines?

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