Exchange Online Optimizes Online Address Book Lookups


Microsoft is changing the way that Exchange Online address book updates work to force users to use search rather than browsing through the GAL/OAB. That's fine and should improve things. When playing with finding how many items are in the GAL, I found that the Get-MgDomainNameReference cmdlet appears to have some issues. First, it can only return up to 999 items, which isn’t a lot when you’re dealing with users and groups that have a connection to a domain. Second, it doesn’t return a nextlink, so you can never fetch all available items. It just goes to prove that Microsoft Graph PowerShell SDK cmdlets are at the mercy of the underlying APIs.

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Hello Tony Redmond, It seems like you've encountered limitations in the Get-MgDomainNameReference cmdlet within the Microsoft Graph PowerShell SDK. Indeed, some cmdlets may have constraints that reflect the underlying APIs.

For handling scenarios with a large number of items or when dealing with pagination, you might consider breaking down the query into smaller chunks using filters like `top` and `skip` to navigate through the result set. However, this might not be practical for all scenarios.

If you find these limitations impacting your workflow significantly, you could provide feedback to Microsoft through their official channels, such as the Microsoft 365 UserVoice or the Microsoft Graph GitHub repository. This helps them understand user needs and potentially address these limitations in future updates.

Remember to keep an eye on updates to the Microsoft Graph PowerShell SDK, as improvements and new features are periodically introduced.

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