Exchange Message Trace Results - ##Receive, Pending, Deliver

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Hello all, 


I ran an enhanced summary report message trace and have some results. 


The receive / deliver recipient_status is fine, but what is the difference with the Receive, Pending, Deliver result? 


I need to give a reply and have to be 100% in what I am returning, and the documentation has no information on the Pending entry. 








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@PaulKoyce were you able to get the answer to your inquiry? I am working on an issue and got the same result and would like to know what it means. 



Same here - trying to find meaning.


Below is the definition, btw, , Pending is not supported if you're searching for messages that are older than 7 days


Delivered: The message was successfully delivered to the intended destination.

Pending: Delivery of the message is being attempted or re-attempted.

I guess I am still confused by what "Not supported" is intended to mean.

In my case, the messages I searched for, and found, which indicate "email address removed for privacy reasons##Receive, Pending, Deliver" (all statuses, not just each individually) was sent into my organization from an outside organization 3 weeks ago (2/24/23).


So - if "Pending" is 'not supported' after 7 days - then what is is telling me? - and more importantly, what can I do about it?  I'm presuming that the "Receive" part is telling me that it was an inbound message - but the fact that it follows with both "Pending" and "Deliver" is certainly confusing - unless the "Deliver" part is just telling me that the message is intended to be delivered (?... as opposed to?).  Certainly it is not indicating both that it is Pending AND that it was delivered, right?

...and again - if "Pending" is "not supported after 7 days", why is it telling me its "Pending" 3 weeks after the message was sent.

Most importantly, given this clearly confusing set of mutually exclusive bits of information, What am I supposed to tell my user about the email, and what can be done to retrieve or eliminate it?

I mean, sure - having the listed definitions of "Pending" and "Delivered" may 'seem' useful or clever, but really... is it either of those things?