Excel linked to PPT not updating, in Teams Site

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Hello - 


I have a standard PPT document, which contains linked charts/graphs in an excel file. For some reason in the teams site, the links will not update in the PPT. I get errors saying it can not find the file. I created the PPT and Excel in the teams site, and then created the links in PPT same place (meaning I didn't move it from somewhere else). But, the PPT link won't update or connect. Any suggestions??




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Hi @JHruz ,


I will have a play with this one.


Just to confirm though. You have an Excel file with say a Graph and  PPT that is referencing said Graph, in said Excel file. Both files housed in the same SharePoint site backing the Team. However when you come to launch the PPT the Graph cannot be found as it is saying it cannot be found?





@HenryPhillipsNimbitech This is 100% accurate, exactly as you have described. Thank you for taking a look. 

Hi @JHruz ,

So I tested this. An Excel file with a PowerPivot Chart, a PPT that had the Graph pasted in with the paste option of doing it with a link.


All seemed to work well, apart from I had to do the paste via the Desktop version of the respective Office Apps and also had to do the refreshing via the PowerPoint Desktop app to get the option.


It did however render the latest version of the chart based on the last refresh within Teams OK.


So we have to remember that Teams to render Office docs within Teams, basically makes use of the Web version of the respective Office App, which does have limitations over the Desktop version, as per:




However you mentioned you got an error not just that the data was outdated. So could you advise exactly how you added the chart into Excel please.





@HenryPhillipsNimbitech I too have the same problem, always open both in the desktop app and today went to refresh and it opened what I can only presume was the version it was created from originally not the most up to date version.  They are both in the same teams area, the excel file never changes name or moves, the powerpoint gets a date reference change as it is shared further than teams once updated.

Very Helpful. Thanks!