Excel-Enabled Flowchart Template for Data Visualization - Office 365


I am exploring the use of the Data Visualization tool to create Visio flowcharts from an Excel table. However, I am unable to invoke the required Excel-enabled template through my instance of Visio, which is Visio 2 via a business 365 account. It seems that this specific template is required, as outlined in the support article here: https://support.office.com/en-gb/article/create-a-data-visualizer-diagram-17211b46-d144-4ca2-9ea7-b0...


I attached a screenshot from the article showing the template.


However, for some reason my business-provided account of 365 will not allow me to pull up this template. I only have a Basic Diagram or a Blank Drawing template available and the search bar for pulling online templates is greyed out. See second screenshot attached.


Does anyone know how to get this template? 




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